Faculty Mentors

Sharene Smoot


The research conducted in this paper provides information about using computer software to remediate reading skills in first grade. The pre- and posttest is the Lexia Comprehensive Reading Test (2001). This research was conducted in a first grade classroom with 22 students of which half were in the experimental group. Students were matched using Lexia Comprehension Reading test scores and randomly divided into the two groups. The experimental group used the Lexia Phonics Based Reading Program (2004) for 30 minutes a day 3- 4 times a week to build upon individual needs. After one month, the posttest was administered. The experimental group increased their overall scores more than the control group on the Lexia Comprehension Reading Test, F (2,17) = 50.8, p < .001. These findings are promising, but data need to be collected for longer periods of time and measuring subtest skills may yield valuable information.



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