Volume 8 (2007)

Letter from the Editor

I am proud to see such insightful research coming from my peers at Georgia College & State University. Such papers transcend the classroom assignment. They have fulfilled the task of homework but also something more: the desire to seek out new information and new approaches to academic learning.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me edit these essays and I particularly thank all those that contributed their time or talents to this edition. I expect that this volume has surpassed its predecessors as subsequent volumes will and should improve upon this one.

Enjoy the issue,

Cheryl New



Performance Pay Plans
Sailaja Potaraju


Cell Phone Usage and Autonomy in College Students
Jonathon Lassiter, Jessica Hill, Kelli Fain, and Kevin Lamb

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Cheryl New
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Pat Jarvie
Dr. Doris Moody
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Tim Vacula