Faculty Mentors

Dr. Ralph H. France III


The vector analyzing powers, Ay(theta, E), of the 11B(p,p)11B and 11B(p,alpha)8Be reactions were measured as a function of angle and energy as a part of a program to study the reaction 11B(p,alpha)2alpha. The experiment was performed at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory at Duke University, where the polarized proton beams between 100 nA and 600 nA with energies (Ep) of 2.65, 3.9, 4.0, 5.11, and 5.5 MeV were produced using the ABPIS source and the FN tandem. These energies were selected to be on (and off) several of the known resonances in this region. The target was composed of 35 ug/cm2 isotopically pure (99.9% enriched) 11B deposited on a 9 ug/cm2 carbon backing. Scattered protons and emitted alpha-particles were detected by an array of six surface barrier detectors placed symmetrically to the left and right of the target. Measured asymmetries in yields from proton scattering off of the carbon backing were used to calibrate the beam polarization. The analyzing powers will be used to further our understanding of the reaction dynamics of the elastic proton channel in this energy region.



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