Undergraduate Research

Volume 1, Issue 2 (2021) Summer 2021

Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 2

Mentoring Undergraduate Research Through Publication
Undergraduate Research is a forum for multidisciplinary undergraduate research and creative endeavors within higher education. The journal’s mission is to establish a forum for undergraduate students to publish and promote their research, as well as to promote mentorship at the undergraduate level. Undergraduate Research remains committed to publishing the highest quality journal possible, so the editors choose papers based on merit rather than discipline. Oftentimes, the quality of the submission is hindered by a lack of mentoring throughout the manuscript submission process.
As part of the manuscript submission process, all students sign an author agreement designating their faculty mentor to help ensure originality and quality. However, as we have begun the process into the publication of undergraduate research, it appears many students lack guidance and mentorship beyond the research process. In the year since its inception, the most common issues our journal has come across would be students not submitting blind materials, some requested materials are missing, and many students appear to be unsure how to proceed if they are asked for revisions.
It is our view that the first two issues, lack of a blind manuscript and missing materials, are often an oversight or simply a lack of following instructions. Nevertheless, with a mentor available during the submission process, this could be avoided. Yet, neither of these are the main issue we would like to bring attention. For many students, when they receive a response, be it a revise and resubmit or a rejection, we provide reviewer comments. These should serve as a pathway to growth, whether or not the manuscript is ever published. But if the student is unsure or simply lacks the knowledge of the review process, in our experience, not only is the publication process delayed, but the student is anxious, and at times, will not complete the revisions therefor losing a valuable opportunity.
Many undergraduate institutions expect faculty to facilitate and mentor undergraduate research. Usually that might include a research project with a paper and/or presentation. As our journal provides the opportunity to publish these works, we encourage faculty to continue the mentoring of undergraduate research beyond the final paper or presentation. The opportunity of a published manuscript at the undergraduate level is invaluable for many students. Having a mentor to guide them through that process will help to ensure there are no missed opportunities.
Alesa Liles
Managing Editor, Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research


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