Undergraduate Research


In an ever-changing society, it is essential to understand how students learn best. In society today, the growing area of online learning is prevalent. With limited research regarding online versus traditional face-to-face learning, there is a need for more information on this topic. Online versus traditional learning in college undergraduates at universities is apparent, especially since the start of COVID-19 (El Refae et al., 2021). While face-to-face learning was the usual format that undergraduate college students utilized, the transformation to online learning changed rapidly. The research in this study area also changed (Van Der Werf & Sabatier, 2009). With each of these learning environments playing roles in students’ quality of life, it is essential to understand how each environment affects students differently. This topic yearns for further research when comparing online versus traditional learning to several different factors, like academic performance, learning disabilities, and context. College student success is the top priority for many universities, and knowing this information can help colleges better understand how their students are succeeding in different and new learning formats (Mohammadian et al., 2021). Addressing students’ perceptions of learning will further enhance the learning experiences in online and traditional learning.



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