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The New American Dream 2
Acrylic Paint
3' x 4'

The second image depicts a zoomed in image into the upper left hand corner. This shows the representation of Big Pharma and it’s intention to attract exhausted employees to turn to pills like Adderall. Below we also see some of those drugs making it to others it wasn’t prescribed to that use it as a means to make money. We also see a cop jumping at the opportunity to take down someone of another color, which happens a lot with racial profiling today. We also see a depiction of a Boomer uprooting a house from the ground as a reminder that most rising generations should be able to become homeowners on their own terms, even though the market has been inflated.

This painting highlights the shortcomings of Late Capitalism by showing how big systems affect us all through major topics including Big Pharma, Lean-staffing, Housing Crisis', Corrupt corporations and more. The piece also displays the idea of our worth today being largely based off how much we can produce and the issues that come with that way of thinking.