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Agkistrodon Piscivorus
Stoneware with Glaze
5.5" x 4.5" x 4.5"

Agkistrodon Piscivorus features a baby water moccasin on a short, round vase. Growing up, I would often visit a park with a creek that was infested with snakes and remember seeing them resting all along the rocks of the shoals. I wanted to manipulate the body to look like it could be moving underwater against the iron-rich bed of the creek.

Symbiosis is a visual commentary on the relationship between self and environment. The vessels act as a manmade element while each of the attached ornaments, inspired by local species, compliment the shape and movement of each piece. Each work reflects the impressionable and impactful nature of how mankind interacts with the natural world, and vice versa.