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Porcelain with glaze
5.5” x 10” x 4.5”

Broke is about my heartbreak. What is often not talked about it loving the abuser. The trauma that I experienced was inflicted by somebody I loved in my home. I had to accept that the relationship was never going to be what I hoped for; this acceptance broke my heart. The object is shown complete, however, to show the choice to mend that pain and learn to forgive.

After years of battling and struggling, my trauma has not only affected me mentally but it has also affected my physically. The hearts to display the different ways trauma has affected me. Clay was chosen because of the process of firing, because refinement forms strength through the fire. The actions seen within the video display how the trauma felt and took place. The reenactment of my hurt and the creation of these piece have not only help heal me, but they have also helped me move forward.