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Las Posadas
20” x 24”

This painting reflects the celebration of Las posadas a novena with song, prayer, and liturgy. It commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. The Piñata is symbolic with the seven corners representing the Seven Deadly sins and the striking represents the effort Christians make in overcoming personal sin. The candy represents the sweetness of God’s grace through the birth of Jesus.

My paintings are based on my hispanic culture and catholic religion. I use modeling paste to create dimension within the paintings. I create this dimension within La Quinceañera by bringing the cake forth and using the paint to also manipulate the dimension of the piece. In El Dia de los Muertos I add dimension to the skull, flowers, bread, basket and candles. In Las Posadas I gave it dimension to the bat and the Piñata. Through my pieces I try to express how I see my Hispanic culture through these events.