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The New American Dream 5
Acrylic Paint
3' x 4'

This zoom in is the bottom right hand corner of the piece. Here is where I recommend the viewer to begin with viewing the piece. The idea here is that we are taught her whole lives growing up that businesses can be fun (Monopoly), education is key to getting the job you want, and you should look forward to being part of the workforce. The problem that is once you become part of it (move beyond the curtains) it is not at all what you expected. On the street just above the curtain is a corrupted politician driving off whilst throwing out some election ballots.

This painting highlights the shortcomings of Late Capitalism by showing how big systems affect us all through major topics including Big Pharma, Lean-staffing, Housing Crisis', Corrupt corporations and more. The piece also displays the idea of our worth today being largely based off how much we can produce and the issues that come with that way of thinking.