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Great Smoky Mountains Brochure, Inside
Gloss Paper
8” X 16”

On the inside of this brochure both a font and symbology were created to make the map easily readable and accessible to guests. Visitors are greeted with a QR code that can be scanned and taken to the National Park App if they would like to interact more thoroughly with the map.

My design work focuses on creating a more contemporary and vibrant brand identity for the National Park Service so that more funding can measured and appropriated to the agency. These works include a new logo, symbology, signage, font, and membership cards which all use some of the original iconic shapes of the past National Park branding in order to create some recognition when confronted with these new branding elements. Design works such as, a mobile app and brochure also utilize new technologies to create a more seamless informative experience for visitors. Notebooks, shopping bags, and water bottle designs were also created to be put in National Park gift shops to increase the revenue received from visitors. These uniform brand elements use fluid and organic mountainous shapes along with bright shades of orange and yellow to reflect the joy of visitors when discovering these unique American Landmarks.