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The New American Dream 3
Acrylic Paint
3' x 4'

This image zooms us into the top middle of the piece. We can see those who have worked hard to make it to the top through a lifetime of paperwork on the left. In the middle is a man who may resemble Trump, as many viewers have spectated, but is not necessarily him. This man is just meant to be a representation of someone who fits all the right privileges (male, white, comes from money) to make it to the top easily and bark down to others because:”if it was easy for me it should be just as easy for you.”

This painting highlights the shortcomings of Late Capitalism by showing how big systems affect us all through major topics including Big Pharma, Lean-staffing, Housing Crisis', Corrupt corporations and more. The piece also displays the idea of our worth today being largely based off how much we can produce and the issues that come with that way of thinking.