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Mixed Media
51” x 24”

Fidelity, the opposite of Lust, tells a story in which two lovers share a bond as solid as gold, to which their bond transforms into the creation of new life- the ultimate symbol of two people coming together as one. The piece is full of fertility symbols such as rabbit ears, fruit, and the sea- the origin of life itself. Chrysanthemums, Diascia, and Scilla all adorn the figure’s head, flowers that symbolize loyalty- a key trait that lies within such love.

It is said by many that all people have evil deep inside of them, but I believe that on the opposite side of that coin, all people have a potential for true goodness in them as well. Portrayals of the 7 Deadly Sins have been made throughout the ages, but in order to promote love and celebrate the light that we all have within us, each virtue that I’ve portrayed displays a trait that counters a sin in the form of large-scale digital print with ink and gold-leaf embellishing.