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Stoneware with Glaze
6.5” x 5.5” x 3”

In this final piece of this series, after a long journey of creating, Redd rests. He does so by using the box in its simplest form. By resting, he is able to reflect on all his past creations and begin to energize for future creations as well. I firmly believe that we all have something in common with this character, Redd.

The ceramic vessel series “A Boy and a Box” expresses the journey of a creative child named Redd who makes new things from a discarded cardboard box. This series illustrates the joy of discovery and is reflective of my own craft. In this series, I am using the vessel to serve as the containment of an idea. My ideas about the space between the lost and the found are both about discovery of the unknown and also about the journey of finding meaning.