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Tara Mettler


Gay Zoo Day
Michael Brian McClelland


Effects of Yoga on Perceived Stress Level and Cognitive Ability in College-Aged Females
Rachel V. Taylor, Faith Flanders, Allison Esposito, Delaney Lister, and Lauren Williams


Effects of Moderate Intensity Interval Training on Cognitive Function
Jennifer Spencer, Matthew Young, Emma Niemi, Lisa Schick, and Zachary LeMaster


Comparing One-Mile Run Time and Perceived Exertion of College-Aged Females in an Outdoor Environment versus an Indoor Environment
Abigail E. Deckbar 7312889, Alexandra Brown, Amanda Boesch, Lindsay Davis, and Myles Shreckengost


Understanding the Relationship between Self-Reported Drug Use and Treatment Efficacy
Paige Mandas, Kayla Argo, Jesse Chapman, Sean Groark, and Mary Mason Beale


Portrayal of Women and Feminism in the Media
Makayla Hays, Saskia Lindsay, Rachael Alesia, Marlee Thomas, and Katherine Knosher


Best Practice for Neonatal Pain Management
Mackinsey C. McAdams and Celie R. Davis


Fermi-LAT daily monitoring observations of the microquasar Cygnus X-1
Austin P. Waldron, Stephen R. Hood, and Arash Bodaghee


The Portrayal of Controversial Topics in Satirical Media
Maranda Blum, Samantha Deptula, Erin Dickman, Mariah Fuller, and Kathryn Swendsen

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