Date of Award

Spring 2016

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

First Advisor

Malachowski, Judith

Second Advisor

Sapp, Carol

Third Advisor

Hodges, Helen



The purpose of this descriptive pre/post study was to identify if individuals within a church population were engaged participants in their health and healthcare. The project aims were three: (a) to ascertain the knowledge, skills and confidence of the participating parishioners in relation to their health through the use of the Patient Activation MeasureTM (PAMTM) , (b) to provide information and awareness on healthcare topics to all participants (engagement, care transitions, communication with one’s healthcare provider and the importance of asking questions), and (c) to assess the health status and health education needs using a demographic health survey. This project established the groundwork for the creation of a faith-based health ministry at the investigator’s church. The framework used was the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim. The goals of the Triple Aim are to improve the health of populations, improve the overall experience of care and reduce the per capita cost. The 41 participants were mostly female, 60-69 years old, married, retired and Caucasian. The number of participants in each of the four PAM Levels aligned with a 2007 national survey by Hibbard and Cunningham (2008). Almost 93% (38) of all participants rated their health as excellent or good. Of those, 31 participants (81.6%) scored in Levels 3 and 4, the highest activated. The demographic survey provided topics of interest for future program development. These findings suggest a foundational process for other Faith Community Nurses initiating similar health ministry development.

(Keywords: patient activation, engagement, faith-based nursing, care transitions, Triple Aim)

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