Submissions from 2019

Independence Meets Interdependence within a Cohort Model of a Special Education Teacher Preparation Program, Rob Sumowski and Roddran Grimes

Submissions from 2015


A Tale of Two Readings, Dan Bauer and Joanne Previts

Submissions from 2014

Examining a Successful Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program in an Urban School, Roddran Grimes

Submissions from 2013


Preparing Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers at Georgia College & State University, Angel Abney, Nancy Mizelle, and Janet Shiver

Submissions from 2012


Middle School Special Education Reading Teachers’ Experiences Utilizing Study Island Technology to Enhance Male Students’ Literacy: An Exploratory Case Study, Roddran Grimes

Submissions from 2010


Technology Assisted Collaborative and Project-Based Learning; of Blogs, Wikis, and Networking, Larry Tinnerman, James Johnson, and Roddran Grimes

Submissions from 2003

NETS and PT3 Video Case Study Libraries: Using Virtual Tools to Design a Technology Use Assessment for Pre-Service Teachers, Charles Martin, Dee Russell, Karynne Kleine, Nancy Mizelle, Vicki Hunnicutt, Lyndall Warren, Julie Parmley, Melissa Adams, Revel Pogue, and Autumn Grubb