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One of the distinguishing elements of a successful, flourishing music program is the number of students enrolled in a performing ensemble. This literature review examines sources that provide answers to a simple question: How can teachers use strategies to improve recruitment and retention in a music program? Music teachers have always worked to improve enrollment and retention of students in their classes, but as we move forward in a world affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional ways of recruiting may not always be successful. Considerations of current trends include lack of foundational relationships between programs and adherence to traditional, unsuccessful recruitment strategies. The literature that was analyzed provided a common theme: teachers must now improve student recruitment and retention in a middle school chorus program through a variety of curriculum changes and teaching strategies. These ideas focus on increasing the number of students involved in the program by adjusting the program to be more culturally responsive and inclusive to all students. All of the sources gathered here encourage sensitivity to student needs and background. The literature gathered encourages teachers to engage in culturally responsive teaching, inclusive strategies, and adjusting class offerings. After adjusting these teaching styles, educators can hope to increase enrollment and improve the quality of instruction provided. By including music reflective of the local culture and encouraging student autonomy, the author would like to assist music teachers to help their students become lifelong music learners and increase program quality.



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