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This research aimed to investigate if a holistic classroom setting would be beneficial to a music classroom. A holistic classroom focuses on cognitive, social, and emotional needs. By meeting these needs of the students, educators meet the overall learning needs of the students. The following research helps music educators understand that there is a need to create a holistic learning environment for students and create this environment for the student's learning capabilities. The research methods included peer-reviewed journals that focused on creating a holistic environment in a classroom. The research questions used to guide this study were "how can teachers create a holistic atmosphere in their classroom" and "is it important to create this atmosphere"? The research resulted in three different findings. These findings included multiple perspectives, performance indicators, and strategies for implementing a holistic classroom experience. A holistic classroom caters to all the learning needs those students to need to succeed. It is the responsibility of the music educator to create the atmosphere to teach students to become life-long musicians. By utilizing some of the recommendations offered by the research, teachers can cater to the needs and create a safe learning environment for students to grow into future musicians.



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