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Associations between Self-Reported Social Anxiety and Emotional Cue Reading

Hananh Carter, Georgia State University

Bluetooth Low Energy: Secure or Unsecure?

Gabriel Bello, Columbus State University

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Erin Shaw, Valdosta State University

Habitat Use and Home Range of Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) in North Georgia Piedmont

Jessica Martin, University of North Georgia
Amy Vang, University of North Georgia
Jocelyn Calderon, University of North Georgia

Interpreting Classical Music According to Schleiermacher and Gadamer

Isabella Torres, University of West Georgia

Award Winner

Pop-up Java: An Augmented Reality Mobile Game to Teach Java

Richard Myers, Columbus State University

Award Winner

Random Number Generation with Sine Computation in Intel x86 Assembly

Dmitri Fernandes, Clayton State University

Sensory Friendly Theatre: Including Individuals with Sensory Integration Disorders

Darby High, Columbus State University

The Ideas of Milton’s Areopagitica in Contemporary Society

Emily Moore, Georgia College and State University

Award Winner

Troubled Seas and Scattered Blossoms: Nature Images in Elegiac Anglo-Saxon and Japanese Poetry of the Medieval Period

Audrey Whittle, Valdosta State University