Submissions from 2020

Global Perspectives in the Core: Student Attitudes and Instructor performance, Scott Butler and Amanda Reinke


Neighbourhood socioeconomic characteristics and blood pressure among Jamaican youth: A pooled analysis of data from observational studies, Trevor S. Ferguson, Novie O.M. Younger-Coleman, Jasneth Mullings, Damian Francis, Lisa Gaye Greene, Parris Lyew-Ayee, and Rainford Wilks


Ideal cardiovascular health in urban Jamaica: Prevalence estimates and relationship to community property value, household assets and educational attainment: A cross-sectional study, Joette A. McKenzie, Novie O. Younger, Marshall Kerr Tulloch-Reid, Ishtar Govia, Nadia R. Bennett, Shelly McFarlane, Renee Walters, Damian K. Francis, Karen Webster-Kerr, Andriene Grant, Tamu Davidson, Rainford Wilks, David R. Williams, and Trevor S. Ferguson

Development of a Minority Prostate Cancer Research Digest: Communication Strategy Statement for Black Men, Folakemi T. Odedina, Kim Walsh-Childers, Mary Ellen Young, Ernest Kaninjing, Janice Krieger, Deidre Pereira, Getachew Dagne, Nissa Askins, and Parisa Fathi

Aerial Adventure Environments: The Theory and Practice of the Challenge Course, Zip Line and Canopy Tour Industry, Elizabeth Speelman, Mark Wagstaff, Scott Jordan, and Kathy Haras