Submissions from 2020

The entry-exit theorem and relaxation oscillations in slow-fast planar systems, Shangbing Ai and Susmita Sadhu

Critical parameters for reaction–diffusion equations involving space–time fractional derivatives, Sunday A. Asogwa, Mohammud Foondun, Jebessa B. Mijena, and Erkan Nane

Blow-Up Results for Space-Time Fractional Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Sunday A. Asogwa, Jebessa B. Mijena, and Erkan Nane

A study of n - L i e -isoclinic Leibniz algebras, G. R. Biyogmam and J. M. Casas

A note on outer derivations of Leibniz algebras, G. R. Biyogmam and C. Tcheka

Leibniz algebras with absolute maximal lie subalgebras, G. R. Biyogmam and Calvin Tcheka


Lie-central derivations, Lie-centroids and Lie-stem Leibniz algebras, Guy Roger Biyogmam, José Manuel Casas, and Natália Pacheco Rego


From quotient trigroups to groups, Guy Biyogmam, Simplice Tchamna, and Calvin Tcheka

Geometric Maximal Operators and BMO on Product Bases, Galia Dafni, Ryan Gibara, and Hong Yue

Heading toward Equality, Preservice Teachers’ Interventions to Change Students’ Conceptions of the Equal Sign, Doris Santarone, Angel Rowe Abney, and Brandon Samples

On ring extensions satisfying the star-hash property, Simplice Tchamna