Eco-feedback Technology’s Influence on Water Conservation Attitudes and Intentions of University Students in the USA: An Experimental Design

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Green Energy and Technology


Water conservation is a universal issue. One segment of the population with a significant future impact on water conservation is college-aged students. College students in the United States of America (USA) are typically not held responsible for their individual utility bills when living in dorms and there are little to no incentives to conserve resources. At one small public liberal arts university in the Southeastern (USA), water has been used in alarming amounts over the last few years. A sample of college students (n = 208) from the university participated in an experiment to determine their attitudes, behaviors, and intentions. This paper discusses relevant literature and explains the research methodology (2 × 2 between subjects randomized across treatments experiment) that examined attitudes and intentions as to purchasing eco-feedback technology and the role of marketing in consumers’ choices. The paper identifies hypothesized relationships to be measured. It presents the findings as to the influence of novelty of eco-feedback technology, personal value (economic and emotional), attitude toward environmentalism (substantive and external), price, and knowledge of green living products influence on intentions to purchase. Further, it reports conclusions, limitations, and practical implications.


Management, Marketing, and Logistics

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