Submissions from 2022

Is India’s rape crisis a recent phenomenon? At the crossroads of religious nationalism, caste, and gender, Sunita Manian

Submissions from 2021

Impure at the origins: The role of mixed-race bodies in colonization, slavery, and racial demarcation, Sabrina L. Hom

Care and reverence: Exploring the origin of early Confucian thinking, Wang Huaiyu

Ritual, harmony and freedom: Rediscovering the modern value of confucianism, Huaiyu Wang

The lost confucian philosopher: Gu hongming and the chinese religion of good citizenship, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2020

Theology and Westworld, Juli Gittinger and Shayna Sheinfeld

Sri Lanka’s Place in the History of South Asian Buddhism, Justin W. Henry

I resent society's irrational fear of sex: An intersectional inquiry into youth sexuality in two Indian states, Sunita Manian

Gu Hongming and the Chinese Religion of Good Citizenship: A Confucian Vision beyond Moral and Cultural Relativism, Huaiyu Wang

Ritual, Harmony and Freedom: Rediscovering the Modern Value of Confucianism, Huaiyu Wang

Ritual, Harmony and Freedom: Rediscovering the Modern Value of Confucianism, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2018

(Dis)engaging with race theory: Feminist philosophy's debate on "transracialism" as a case study, Sabrina L. Hom

Gongfu Philosophy and the Confucian Way of Freedom: Critical Reflections on Ni Peimin’s Confucius: The Man and the Way of Gongfu, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2017

HIV/AIDS in India: Voices from the margins, Sunita Manian

From the principle of rational autonomy to the virtuosity of empathetic embodiment: Reclaiming the modern significance of confucian civilization, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2016

Between hierarchy of oppression and style of nourishment: Defending the confucian way of civil order, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2015

A genealogical study of De: Poetical correspondence of sky, earth, and humankind in the early Chinese virtuous rule of benefaction, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2014

Behind the shroud of heteronormative silence: Tales of same-sex desire, Sunita Manian

Submissions from 2012

Ren and gantong: Openness of heart and the root of confucianism, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2011

Piety and individuality through a convoluted path of rightness: Exploring the confucian art of moral discretion via analects 13.18, Huaiyu Wang

What is the Matter with Conscience?: A Confucian Critique of Modern Imperialism, Huaiyu Wang

Submissions from 2009

The way of heart: Mencius' understanding of justice, Huaiyu Wang