Volume 20 (2020)

Letter from the Editor

This edition of The Corinthian, just like many of us, has been significantly impacted by this year. Originally, the 20th edition was going to be published in the Spring of 2020, but due to COVID-19 and the sequential closing of campus, this edition was pushed back to the Fall of 2020. But we made it. As the editor for this volume, I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to communicate with so many intellectual students and to get a glimpse into the wide range of topics this journal features. It is an impressive feat for everyone involved this year to pull together during trying times to accomplish something so great. Please use these papers to widen your horizons and never stop learning.

Sydney Marks
The Corinthian, Vol. 20



What is Translation?
Amber C. Johnson


Promoting Global Health Awareness Through Community-Based Screenings in Belize
Liz Daniel, Caroline Harpe, Maggie Huss, Zoe Irvin, Sophia LaMarca, and Montana Moreno

Black and white image of a great horned owl

Editor in Chief

Sydney Marks

Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Townes

Faculty Reviewers

Scott Butler
Sara Doude
Jamie Downing
Hedwig Frauenhofer
Bruce Gentry
Mike Gleason
Glynnis Haley
Eboni Haynes
Kelly Massey
Stephanie McClure
Medawala Wathsala
Joe Mocnik
Stefanie Sevcik
Liz Speelman
Sandria Stephenson

Cover Art

Ansel Moore

The Great Horned Owl
Lino Print on Paper
18” x 24”

The Great Horned Owl is a portrait of an owl resting on a branch. To me, the owls direct eye contact conveys bravery and intuitiveness.