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The Go Bag
Mixed Media
Varied Scale

This work focuses on the bag that I had packed should I ever need to leave the house, with my mother or alone. The bag, an old school bookbag, was filled to the brim with what I felt I may need. This included items like, clothing, money, a map and key to a safer home, and a pocketknife. I have recreated these items and placed them in the bag or on the table. The rear wall shows the actual locations and distance from the house I lived in to the house I planned to go to. The female figure in the background is a representation of me, alone and defenseless in the home with my abuser.

This work focuses on the dichotomy between the appearance and actuality of one’s home life. The imagery and color palette allude to unwanted presences and events in my life and illustrate the sharp contrast between the appearance and reality of my home life and every aspect of the work has an important meaning and purpose. My work represents my traumatic childhood and the process of recovery that came from recreating it.