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Submissions from 2020

Resilience, Emily J. Gómez

Resonance, Emily J. Gómez

Tiny Universe Three, Emily J. Gómez

Cumberland Island: Land, Water, Wind, and Light, Emily J. Gómez and Ernesto R. Gómez

Opening Moonflower, Bad Branch Falls, and Toccoa Falls photo series and commentary, Ernesto R. Gómez

Delightful Tunes from U.S. Presidential Campaigns, 1840–1964, Dana Gorzelany-Mostak

Mansion Candlelight Tour Concert, Dana Gorzelany-Mostak

Pop-Up Carol Concert, Dana Gorzelany-Mostak


Trax on the Trail Podcast, Dana Gorzelany-Mostak


Trax on the Trail 2020: An Interactive Campaign Music Website for Educators, Scholars, and the Public, Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, Naomi Graber, and James Deaville

Georgia discovered: Exploring the best of the Peach State, Chris Greer

Costume design and technology for Alice in Wonderland, Lions in Illyria, Giving Voice, Zoom Out, and Heathers, Joel Griffis

Costume Design for The Last Five Years, Joel Griffis

Costume Design for Warplay, Joel Griffis

Percussion Ensemble Concert, Nathaniel Gworek and Parker Don


The stellar and wind parameters of six prototypical HMXBs and their evolutionary status, R. Hainich, L. M. Oskinova, J. M. Torrejón, F. Fuerst, A. Bodaghee, T. Shenar, A. A.C. Sander, H. Todt, K. Spetzer, and W. R. Hamann

Songs in Therapy Concert "Sound Creations", James Helms

Sri Lanka’s Place in the History of South Asian Buddhism, Justin W. Henry

Learning with multimedia: The effects of gender, type of multimedia learning resources, and spatial ability, Misook Heo and Natalie Toomey


X-ray spectral and flux variability of the microquasar GRS 1758-258 on timescales from weeks to years, Maria Hirsch, Katja Pottschmidt, David M. Smith, Arash Bodaghee, Marion Cadolle Bel, Victoria Grinberg, Natalie Hell, Felicia Krauß, Ingo Kreykenbohm, Anne Lohfink, Michael A. Nowak, Bárbara H. Rodrigues, Roberto Soria, John A. Tomsick, and Jörn Wilms

Mixed Methods Research–Nonverbal Observations of Cultural Convergence in Online and Offline Contexts: Testing Hall’s Low- Vs. High-Context Framework, Chia Ling Lynn Ho, Chad Whittle, and Michael H. Eaves

Phenotypic Comparability from Genotypic varialbility among physically structured microbial consortia, Stephanie K. Hoffman, Kiley W. Seitz, David A. Weese, and Scott R. Santos

Branches Etched Across The Sky, Valeka Holt

I'm A Mother F*****g Superstar: So Where Are My Babies?, Valeka Holt

School Girls, Or The African Mean Girls Play, Valeka Holt

Towards Hardware Literacy for Undergraduate Computer Science Students, Gongbing Hong and Kenneth Trussel

Palmetto Postmortem: Examining the Effects of the South Carolina Voter Identification Statute, M. V. Hood and Scott E. Buchanan

National Culture and the Gender Diversity of Corporate Boards, Sarah A. Humphries and Catherine Whelan

Chamber Recital, David Johnson

Efficient removal of bacteria from aqueous media with kaolinite and diatomaceous earth products, T. Johnson, R. Brineman, C. Schultze, and Andrei L. Barkovskii

Faculty intellectual property rights in distance learning courses, Rui Kang, Charles Hyatt, and Jie Ke

Doing mathematics with Spirograph, Rui Kang, Sheri Johnson, Emily Lambert, and Candi Davidson

Ideas buenas o buenas ideas: Phonological, semantic, and frequency effects on variable adjective ordering in rioplatense Spanish, Matthew Kanwit and Virginia Terán

Virtually Close, Socially Distant, Tea Youn Kim-Kassor

VOYAGER: Migrational Narratives, Tea Youn Kim-Kassor

From Strozzi to Previn, Youngmi Kim and Sun Hee Kim

Democratic Living and Learning as a Signature Pedagogy for Middle Level Teacher Preparation, Karynne Kleine, Joanne Previts, and Nancy Mizelle

Understanding financial auditing from a service perspective, W. Robert Knechel, Edward Thomas, and Matthew Driskill


Engaging Students With Course Content Using Scheduled and Unscheduled Emails and Text Messages, Eric Kobbe, Lars Leader, E-Ling Hsiao, Peter Cardon, Bryan Marshall, Craig Callender, Nicole Gibson, Brad Fowler, and Joy Godin


Engaging Students With Course Content Using Scheduled and Unscheduled Emails and Text Messages, Eric Kobbe, Lars Leader, E-Ling Hsiao, Peter Cardon, Bryan Marshall, Craig Callender, Nicole Gibson, Brad Fowler, and Joy J. Godin


Advances in Understanding High-Mass X-ray Binaries with INTEGRAL and Future Directions, Peter Kretschmar, Felix Fürst, Lara Sidoli, Enrico Bozzo, Julia Alfonso-Garzón, Arash Bodaghee, Sylvain Chaty, Masha Chernyakova, Carlo Ferrigno, Antonios Manousakis, Ignacio Negueruela, Konstantin Postnov, Adamantia Paizis, Pablo Reig, José Joaquín Rodes-Roca, Sergey Tsygankov, Antony J. Bird, Matthias Bissinger né Kühnel, Pere Blay, and Isabel Caballero

Aaron Copland's Piano Variations, Owen Lovell

Exhibition Full Solo Recital, Owen Lovell

Wind Musique of La Republique, Owen Lovell, Rebecca Cooke, and Laurie Peebles

Wind Musique of La Republique, Owen Lovell, Rebecca Cooke, and Laurie Peebles

Determinants of Union Organizing Success in Health Care, Christopher M. Lowery, Nicholas A. Beadles, and Allison L. Miller

Nelson Mandela: A reference guide to his life and works, Aran S. MacKinnon


Honing Communication and Organizational Skills through Community-based Engaged Learning, Hasitha Mahabaduge

Nurses' Perceptions of Technology Used in Language Interpretation for Patients with Limited English Proficiency, Jessica Marcus, Deborah MacMillan, Monica Ketchie, and Patricia Clark


Tools for monitoring and study of peregrine pheretimoid earthworms (Megascolecidae), Timothy S. McCay, George Brown, Mac A. Callaham, Chih Han Chang, Andrea Dávalos, Annise Dobson, Josef H. Görres, Bradley M. Herrick, Samuel W. James, Marie R. Johnston, Damhnait McHugh, Tanya Minteer, Jean David Moore, Maryam Nouri-Aiin, Marta Novo, Jaime Ortiz-Pachar, Rebecca A. Pinder, Justin B. Richardson, and Bruce A. Snyder

American Rhythms, William McClain

Modern to Majestic, William McClain

Women 2020- Centennial Vote Celebration, William McClain


Ideal cardiovascular health in urban Jamaica: Prevalence estimates and relationship to community property value, household assets and educational attainment: A cross-sectional study, Joette A. McKenzie, Novie O. Younger, Marshall Kerr Tulloch-Reid, Ishtar Govia, Nadia R. Bennett, Shelly McFarlane, Renee Walters, Damian K. Francis, Karen Webster-Kerr, Andriene Grant, Tamu Davidson, Rainford Wilks, David R. Williams, and Trevor S. Ferguson

Chloroplast mRNAs are 3′ polyuridylylated in the Green Alga Pithophora roettleri (Cladophorales), Marcus J. Meade, Grayson C.R. Proulex, Kalina M. Manoylov, and A. Bruce Cahoon


Structural Insight into the Mechanism of N-Linked Glycosylation by Oligosaccharyltransferase, Smita Mohanty, Bharat P. Chaudhary, and David Zoetewey

A Preliminary Overview of Music Reimbursement Practice in the United States, Kimberly Sena Moore and Laurie Peebles

Net operating loss rules under the CARES Act, Tom C. Moore

The TCJA Changes the Kiddie Tax Once Again, Tom C. Moore


Stereotyping and Stigmatizing IT professionals: Toward a model of devaluation, René Moquin, Paige S. Rutner, and Laurie Giddens

Mobilization and Translocation of Subsurface Lead by Tithonia rotundifolia, Samuel Mutiti, Megan Corley, and Mutande Tembo

Enamel isotopes reveal late Pleistocene ecosystem dynamics in southeastern North America, Elizabeth J. Noble, Julia G. McManus, Alfred J. Mead, Heidi Mead, Christopher Seminack, William Balco, Todd Bennett, Nicole M. Crain, Cory Duckworth, Taylor Malasek, Jason Z. Pearson, Parker Rhinehart, Madison E. Ussery, Yu Sun, Jessica R. Patterson, and David B. Patterson

Towards a sociocultural model of weight stigma, Sarah Nutter, Shelly Russell-Mayhew, and Jessica F. Saunders

Development of a Minority Prostate Cancer Research Digest: Communication Strategy Statement for Black Men, Folakemi T. Odedina, Kim Walsh-Childers, Mary Ellen Young, Ernest Kaninjing, Janice Krieger, Deidre Pereira, Getachew Dagne, Nissa Askins, and Parisa Fathi


What roadkills did we miss in a driving survey? A comparison of driving and walking surveys in Baldwin County, Georgia, Kori A. Ogletree and Alfred J. Mead

Lessons in “Bad Love”: Film noir and the rise of the American oil regime in Edgar G. Ulmer's Detour (1945), Matthew Pangborn


Amphibians and Squamates from the Late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean) Clark Quarry of Coastal Georgia, Dennis Parmley, Joshua L. Clark, and Alfred J. Mead

Christmas in the Baltics, Jennifer Piazza-Pick

Singing and Other Sins, Jennifer Piazza-Pick

Whistling Hen Returns, Jennifer Piazza-Pick

Looking Through the Lens: Immigrants and Their Stories, Amy Pinney

Original Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Amy Pinney

Investigation of virtual teams and serious games, Jeannie Pridmore and Joy Godin


The herpetofauna of Hidalgo, Mexico: Composition, distribution, and conservation status, Aurelio Ramírez-Bautista, Uriel Hernández Salinas, Raciel Cruz-Elizalde, Christian Berriozabal-Islas, Israel Moreno-Lara, Domninic L. DeSantis, Jerry D. Johnson, Elí García-Padilla, Vicente Mata-Silva, and Larry D. Wilson

Scenery Design for Fun Home., Issac Ramsey

Scenery Design for Giving Voice, Zoom Out, and Heathers., Issac Ramsey

Scenery Design for The Last Five Years, Issac Ramsey

Drinking Water quality and provision in six Low-Income Peri-Urban Communities of Lusaka, Zambia, Kristen M. Reaver, Jonathan Levy, Imasiku Nyambe, M. Cameron Hay, Samuel Mutiti, Rodwell Chandipo, and Joseph Meiman

European dreams and European nightmares in prewar Donetsk, William Jay Risch

Embodying and enacting the grand narrative to disrupt power, privilege, and (monocultural) perspectives., Holley M. Roberts

Stress and turnover intentions: The impact of boundary-spanning interaction activities, Jessica L. Robinson, Paige S. Rutner, Karl B. Manrodt, and Cindy Riemenschneider

Stress and turnover intentions: The impact of boundary-spanning interaction activities, Jessica L. Robinson, Paige S. Rutner, Karl B. Manrodt, and Cindy Riemenschneider

Stress and turnover intentions: The impact of boundary-spanning interaction activities, Jessica L. Robinson, Paige S. Rutner, Karl B. Manrodt, and Cindy Riemenschneider

Who responds to changes to the federal adoption tax credit? Evidence from Florida, Luke P. Rodgers and Cullen T. Wallace

Search: A guide for college and life, Barbara Roquemore and Jeff Duffey


Crystallography Case Studies at the Undergraduate Level, Peter Josue Rosado Flores

The validity and reliability of the Farsi version of the Body, Eating, and Exercise Comparison Orientation Measure (F-BEECOM) among Iranian male and female students, Reza N. Sahlan, Jessica F. Saunders, Ellen E. Fitzsimmons-Craft, and Fatemeh Taravatrooy

Heading toward Equality, Preservice Teachers’ Interventions to Change Students’ Conceptions of the Equal Sign, Doris Santarone, Angel Rowe Abney, and Brandon Samples

From self(ie)-objectification to self- empowerment: The meaning of selfies on social media in eating disorder recovery, Jessica F. Saunders, Asia A. Eaton, and Sabrina Aguilar


Early Design Challenges in Developing a Reacting to the Past Game, James Schiffman


Supply chain digitisation trends: An integration of knowledge, Dana G. Schniederjans, Carla Curado, and Mehrnaz Khalajhedayati

Competitive sustainability and stakeholder engagement: Exploring awareness, motivation, and capability, Dana G. Schniederjans and Mehrnaz Khalajhedayati

Product recall strategy in the supply chain: utility and culture, Dana G. Schniederjans and Mehrnaz Khalajhedayati


Using an Ocean Shipping Game to Teach Transportation Fundamentals to Supply Chain Management Students, Rebecca A. Scott and Stephen M. Rutner


Book cover design for Aseroë, Peter Selgin

Book cover design for Bon Vivant: Essays, Peter Selgin


Book cover design for Cesare: a Novel of War-Torn Berlin, Peter Selgin


Book cover design for Sergeant Salinger, Peter Selgin

Book cover designs for Border: Creative Nonfiction in Social Equity, Peter Selgin

Duplicity, Peter Selgin