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Submissions from 2021


Avian Reproductive Success is Associated with Multiple Vegetation Characteristics at an Active Grassland Restoration Site in Central Georgia, Kayla Allen and Katie Stumpf

Microbial biogeography through the lens of exotic species: the recent introduction and spread of the freshwater diatom Discostella asterocostata in the United States, Andrew J. Alverson, Tyler K. Chafin, Kiley A. Jones, Kalina M. Manoylov, Hillary Johnson, Matthew L. Julius, Teofil Nakov, Elizabeth C. Ruck, Edward C. Theriot, Kevin M. Yeager, and Jeffery R. Stone


Investigating the effects of nitrogen deposition and substrates on the microbiome and mycobiome of the millipede Cherokia georgiana georgiana (Diplopoda: Polydesmida), Shawn P. Brown, Matthew Brogden, Christina Cortes, Avery E. Tucker, Allison Rick VandeVoort, and Bruce A. Snyder

The effect of an acidified-gypsum mixture on broiler litter urease-producing bacteria and nitrogen mineralization, Christopher Daniel Burt, Taylor Chapman, Dave Bachoon, Miguel L. Cabrera, and Christopher Horacek


Two new species of Bimastos (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) from the southern appalachian mountains, North America, Roberto Carrera-Martínez, Daniel Jones, Sean D. Schoville, Bruce A. Snyder, and Mac A. Callaham


Highest composition dissimilarity among phytoplankton communities at intermediate environmental distances across high-altitude tropical lakes, Alonso Cartuche, Kalina M. Manoylov, Bastiaan W. Ibelings, and Patrick Venail

The second wave of earthworm invasions in North America: biology, environmental impacts, management and control of invasive jumping worms, Chih Han Chang, Marie L.C. Bartz, George Brown, Mac A. Callaham, Erin K. Cameron, Andrea Dávalos, Annise Dobson, Josef H. Görres, Bradley M. Herrick, Hiroshi Ikeda, Samuel W. James, Marie R. Johnston, Timothy S. McCay, Damhnait McHugh, Yukio Minamiya, Maryam Nouri-Aiin, Marta Novo, Jaime Ortiz-Pachar, and Rebecca A. Pinder

Diatom Gliding Motility, Stanley Cohn, Kalina M. Manoylov, and Richard Gordon


Mesoamerican salamanders (Amphibia: Caudata) as a conservation focal group, Elí García-Padilla, Dominic L. DeSantis, Arturo Rocha, Vicente Mata-Silva, Jerry D. Johnson, Lydia A. Fucsko, David Lazcano, and Larry D. Wilson


A morphological and molecular analysis of a bloom of the filamentous green alga pithophora, Blia Lor, Merry Zohn, Marcus J. Meade, A. Bruce Cahoon, and Kalina M. Manoylov


Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Regions, Alex K. Manda and Samuel Mutiti

Introduction for a tutorial on diatom morphology, Kalina M. Manoylov and Mohamed Ghobara

A reexamination of the herpetofauna of Oaxaca, Mexico: Composition update, physiographic distribution, and conservation commentary, Vicente Mata-Silva, Elí García-Padilla, Arturo Rocha, Dominic L. Desantis, Jerry D. Johnson, Aurelio Ramírez-Bautista, and Larry David Wilson

Fossil dennstaedtiaceae and hymenophyllaceae from the early eocene of the pacific northwest, Kathleen B. Pigg, Melanie L. Devore, David R. Greenwood, Michael A. Sundue, Pedro Schwartsburd, and James F. Basinger

In situ dynamics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus in water, sediment and triploid Crassostrea virginica oysters cultivated in floating gear, James Prescott and Andrei L. Barkovskii


Mitochondrial mrna processing in the chlorophyte alga pediastrum duplex and streptophyte alga chara vulgaris reveals an evolutionary branch in mitochondrial mrna processing, Grayson C.R. Proulex, Marcus J. Meade, Kalina M. Manoylov, and A. Bruce Cahoon


Drinking Water Quality and Provision in Six Low-Income, Peri-Urban Communities of Lusaka, Zambia, Kristen M. Reaver, Jonathan Levy, Imasiku Nyambe, M. Cameron Hay, Sam Mutiti, Rodwell Chandipo, and Joseph Meiman

The kinematics of explosively jerky diatom motility, Ahmet Sabuncu, Richard Gordon, Edmond Richer, Kalina M. Manoylov, and Ali Beskok

Transformative Learning Science Experiences beyond the Classroom: A Longitudinal Case Study of One Organization's Approach, Doreen Sams, Kalina M. Manoylov, and Jeniffer Sams

Bi-Hemispheric Distribution and Ecology of the Commensal Amphipod Leucothoe nagatai Ishimaru, 1985 (Crustacea: Leucothoidae), James Darwin Thomas, Donald B. Cadien, and Kristine N. White


The herpetofauna of Veracruz, Mexico: composition, distribution, and conservation status, Lizzeth A. Torres-Hernández, Aurelio Ramírez-Bautista, Raciel Cruz-Elizalde, Uriel Hernández-Salinas, Christian Berriozabal-Islas, Dominic L. DeSantis, Jerry D. Johnson, Arturo Rocha, Vicente Mata-Silva, Lydia A. Fucsko, and Larry D. Wilson


Anthropogenic Sound in the Sea: Are Ascidians Affected?, Kristine N. White, Louis J. Ambrosio, and Christa Edwards

Identification of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and its hybrids in natural environments in Hawaii, Lei S. Yamasaki, Thomas Iwai, Ruth Ellen C. Klinger-Bowen, David A. Weese, Caroline E. Fowler, Jordon L. Yacoub, and Michael A. Wong


Learning and Memory, Michael A. Yassa, Thomas Wolbers, Hiroyuki Okuno, Ashok Hegde, Peter K. Giese, and Oliver Stork

Submissions from 2020

The entry-exit theorem and relaxation oscillations in slow-fast planar systems, Shangbing Ai and Susmita Sadhu

A Brief History of the Saxophone's Altissimo Register, Andrew J. Allen

Faculty Recital, Andrew J. Allen

Recording of Balloonman, Andrew J. Allen

Saxophone Trill Fingerings, Andrew J. Allen

Solo Recital at the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference, Andrew J. Allen


Teaching Jazz Style Through Guided Listening, Andrew J. Allen

Recital by Rogue Two, Andrew J. Allen and Gordon Hicken

Carolina Saxophone Quartet Recital, Andrew J. Allen, Clifford Leaman, Sheldon Johnson, and Neal Postma

Amici Jazz Jam, Andrew J. Allen, Don Parker, Chris Enghauser, and Nathaniel Gworek

Jazz Nite at the Bell Hall Tent Series, Andrew J. Allen, Don Parker, Chris Enghauser, and Nathaniel Gworek

Welcome Back Concert with the GC Jazz Faculty Quartet, Andrew J. Allen, Don Parker, Chris Enghauser, and Nathaniel Gworek

SAGA Quartet Recital, Andrew J. Allen, Matthew Tracy, Gregory Dewhirst, and Andy Wright

Social Distance, Valerie R. Aranda

The book As Art, vol.8.0, Infinity, Valerie R. Aranda

Valdosta National 2020, Valerie R. Aranda

Critical parameters for reaction–diffusion equations involving space–time fractional derivatives, Sunday A. Asogwa, Mohammud Foondun, Jebessa B. Mijena, and Erkan Nane

Blow-Up Results for Space-Time Fractional Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Sunday A. Asogwa, Jebessa B. Mijena, and Erkan Nane

Seasonal Increase in the Presence of Leptospira interrogans in Coastal Rivers and 3 Streams of Puerto Rico, Dave S. Bachoon

Suffering in silence: How COVID-19 school closures inhibit the reporting of child maltreatmen, E. Jason Baron, Ezra G. Goldstein, and Cullen T. Wallace


Georgia Librarians Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Stephanie Bennett, Maxine Hines Chriszt, Jolene Cole, Marie Day, Chelsee Dickson, Karen Doster-Greenleaf, Rachel S. Evans, Susan Foster, Sarah Grace Glover, Kristy Greene, Karen J. Harris, Austina Jordan, Gail Morton, Scott Pieper, Shannon Plummer, Judy Reardon, Sala Shierling, Gail A. Spears, Stephanie Summers, and Gina Viarruel

Shooting Star, Vagina Monologues, & Heathers, Karen Berman

$#!THOLE COUNTRY CLAPBACK by Pascale Armand, Karen Berman

A study of n - L i e -isoclinic Leibniz algebras, G. R. Biyogmam and J. M. Casas

A note on outer derivations of Leibniz algebras, G. R. Biyogmam and C. Tcheka


Leibniz algebras with absolute maximal lie subalgebras, G. R. Biyogmam and Calvin Tcheka


Lie-central derivations, Lie-centroids and Lie-stem Leibniz algebras, Guy Roger Biyogmam, José Manuel Casas, and Natália Pacheco Rego


From quotient trigroups to groups, Guy Biyogmam, Simplice Tchamna, and Calvin Tcheka


Identifying the primary sources of fecal contamination along the beaches and rivers of Trinidad, Ronell S.H. Bridgemohan, Dave S. Bachoon, Yingfan Wang, Puran Bridgemohan, Christine Mutiti, and Adesh Ramsubhag

Global Perspectives in the Core: Student Attitudes and Instructor performance, Scott Butler and Amanda Reinke

Perception and the Nature of the Phoneme, Craig Callender

Practical and Philosophical Considerations in Choosing The DNP or PhD in Nursing, Krystal E. Canady


José Rizal and Benito Pérez Galdós: Writing Spanish Identity in Pascale Casanova’s World Republic of Letters, Aaron C. Castroverde


1H, 13C, 15N resonance assignments and secondary structure of yeast oligosaccharyltransferase subunit Ost4 and its functionally important mutant Ost4V23D, Bharat P. Chaudhary, David Zoetewey, and Smita Mohanty


Transformative Learning Experiences through Short-term Study Abroad programs, Tsu Ming Chiang and Jenq Foung Yao


Transformative Learning Experiences through Short-term Study Abroad programs, Tsu-Ming Chiang and Jenq-Foung Yao

Quarantined Home for the Holidays, Angela Criscoe

Danish Media, Angela Criscoe and Mikkel Christensen


Sexual Assault Support PSA, Angela Criscoe, Shantee Henry, Isabella Bruen, and Isabella Martinez


From Classroom to Internship: Supervisor Evaluations, Angela Criscoe and Mary Jean Land

W.J. Usery, Jr. Leadership Gallery, Nahali R. Croft

Lions in Illyria Lighting Design and Production Management, Beate Czogalla

Production Management for Looking through the Lens, Zoom Out, Shooting Star, The Vagina Monologues, The 24 Hour Plays, and $#!THOLE COUNTRY CLAPBACK by Pascale Armand, Beate Czogalla

Geometric Maximal Operators and BMO on Product Bases, Galia Dafni, Ryan Gibara, and Hong Yue


Integrative Framework for Long-Term Activity Monitoring of Small and Secretive Animals: Validation With a Cryptic Pitviper, Dominic L. DeSantis, Vicente Mata-Silva, Jerry D. Johnson, and Amy E. Wagler

Urticaceae leaves with stinging trichomes were already present in latest early Eocene Okanogan Highlands, British Columbia, Canada, Melanie L. DeVore, Alphonse Nyandwi, Winnie Eckardt, Elias Bizuru, Myriam Mujawamariya, and Kathleen B. Pigg

The Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum: Plants as Paleothermometers, Rain Gauges, and Monitors, Melanie L. DeVore and Kathleen B. Pigg

How Gender and Race Stereotypes Impact the Advancement of Scholars in STEM: Professors' Biased Evaluations of Physics and Biology Post-Doctoral Candidates, Asia A. Eaton, Jessica F. Saunders, Ryan K. Jacobson, and Keon West


Should We Teach Data Visualization Using Data Visualization Style Guides?, Kevin L. Elder and Amy A. Cesal


Information Systems Security Education: MIS Majors and Business Majors in AACSB College of Businesses, Kevin Lee Elder and Thomas S. E. Hilton


Information Systems Security Education: MIS Majors and Business Majors in AACSB College of Businesses, Kevin L. Elder and Thomas S. E. Hilton

Is the NBA Summer League Predictive of performance for NBA Rookies, Brent A. Evans, Joshua D. Pitts, and Chris Clark

Clarion, Kerry James Evans


Golgotha, Kerry James Evans

Half-Life, Kerry James Evans


Quarantined, Kerry James Evans


Neighbourhood socioeconomic characteristics and blood pressure among Jamaican youth: A pooled analysis of data from observational studies, Trevor S. Ferguson, Novie O.M. Younger-Coleman, Jasneth Mullings, Damian Francis, Lisa Gaye Greene, Parris Lyew-Ayee, and Rainford Wilks


Evolution of MAXI J1631-479 during the January 2019 outburst observed by INTEGRAL/IBIS, M. Fiocchi, F. Onori, A. Bazzano, A. J. Bird, A. Bodaghee, P. A. Charles, V. A. Lepingwell, A. Malizia, N. Masetti, L. Natalucci, and P. Ubertini

Whedonesque Shakespeare, Jennifer Flaherty

Holiday Concert, Jennifer Flory

Gems of Stage and Screen, Jennifer Flory, Jennifer Piazza-Pick, Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, and Youngmi Kim

Toward developing an applied framework to help foster success in generational transition of family businesses, Jan Flynn and Robert J. Duesing

Strategic Marketing Cases: Smallville, Midville, & Grandville, Renee Fontenot

Global Art Exchange Memory project, Matthew Forrest

Chemistry in Art, Matthew Forrest and Peter Rosado-Flores

Chemistry in Art, Matthew Forrest and Peter Rosado-Flores

Assessing the Influence of Physical Factors and Human-Related Disturbances on Forested Wetland Communities in Georgia, Jenna Forte, Christine Mutiti, and Samuel Mutiti

Resilience in first and second semester baccalaureate nursing students, Catherine Fowler, Jennifer Goldsberry, and Sarah Handwerker

Biopolitics, Materiality and Meaning in Modern European Drama, Hedwig Fraunhofer


New and interesting aerial diatom assemblages from southwestern Iceland, Paula C. Furey, Kalina M. Manoylov, and Rex L. Lowe


Conserving the Mesoamerican herpetofauna: The most critical case of the priority level one endemic species, Eli García-Padilla, Dominic L. DeSantis, Arturo Rocha, Jerry D. Johnson, Vicente Mata-Silva, and Larry D. Wilson

Reconsidering Flannery O'Connor, Marshall Bruce Gentry, Alison Arant, and Jordan Cofer

Hopping on the brand boycotting bandwagon on Facebook: Because of the issue, others, or self-enhancement?, Whitney Ginder and Wi-Suk Kwon

Theology and Westworld, Juli Gittinger and Shayna Sheinfeld

Drawn to Macon III, Emily J. Gómez

For Kinzey and Jack, Emily J. Gómez