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Submissions from 2020

Peace in the Home is Peace in the Nation: Redemption after the Liberian Civil Wars, Stefanie Sevcik


Cultural geography: Local news fosters audience attachment to spaces and places in the digital era, Christina C. Smith


Degradation of transcriptional repressor ATF4 during long-term synaptic plasticity, Spencer G. Smith, Kathryn A. Haynes, and Ashok N. Hegde

The utility of the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) facet and item scores in predicting violent recidivism, Ji Seun Sohn, Adrian Raine, and Soo Jung Lee

Interpersonal and Affective Facets and Items of the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) in Predicting Child Sex Offending, Ji Seun Sohn, Napoleon C. Reyes, and Hyejin Kim

Aerial Adventure Environments: The Theory and Practice of the Challenge Course, Zip Line and Canopy Tour Industry, Elizabeth Speelman, Mark Wagstaff, Scott Jordan, and Kathy Haras

The Opportunistic Sermon: Theology, Praxis, and Jerry Falwell, Meridith I. Styer


The Cost and Benefits of Measuring Sustainability, Julia R. Sweeney

On ring extensions satisfying the star-hash property, Simplice Tchamna

Measuring What Students Know: SNAP’s Guidelines and Suggestions for Assessing Goal 1 Content in Psychology, Jennifer L.W. Thompson, Aaron S. Richmond, Barika Barboza, Jennifer Bradley, J. Noland White, and R. Eric Landrum

Measuring What Students Know: SNAP’s Guidelines and Suggestions for Assessing Goal 1 Content in Psychology, Jennifer L.W. Thompson, Aaron S. Richmond, Barika Barboza, Jennifer Bradley, J. Noland White, and R. Eric Landrum


Chandra Observations of High-energy X-Ray Sources Discovered by INTEGRAL, John A. Tomsick, Arash Bodaghee, Sylvain Chaty, Maïca Clavel, Francesca M. Fornasini, Jeremy Hare, Roman Krivonos, Farid Rahoui, and Jerome Rodriguez

Engaging the Big Band, Cliff Towner

Jazz Soiree, Cliff Towner

Side by Side, Cliff Towner

Wind Symphony Spring Concert, Cliff Towner

Wright State University Honor Band, Cliff Towner

Heartfelt Harmonies, Cliff Towner, Jennifer Flory, and Amanda Boundy

Seasonal shifts in the presence of pathogenic leptospires, Escherichia coli, and physicochemical properties in coastal rivers and streams of Puerto Rico, Zamara G. Truitt, Brennan Poon-Kwong, David S. Bachoon, and Ernesto Otero

A Simple and Environmentally Friendly Field Method for Fecal Analysis of Herbivore Diet, Marie Fidele Tuyisenge, Winnie Eckardt, Samuel Nshutiyayesu, and Melanie L. DeVore

Young Children's Theory of Mind Predicts More Sharing With Friends Over Time, Jennifer Vonk, Stephanie E. Jett, Theodore S. Tomeny, Sterett H. Mercer, and Julie Cwikla

Gu Hongming and the Chinese Religion of Good Citizenship: A Confucian Vision beyond Moral and Cultural Relativism, Huaiyu Wang

Ritual, Harmony and Freedom: Rediscovering the Modern Value of Confucianism, Huaiyu Wang

Relational embeddedness and disruptive innovations: The mediating role of absorptive capacity, Zhiwei Wang, Juan Ling, and Jay I. Chok


Relational embeddedness and disruptive innovations: The mediating role of absorptive capacity, Zhiwei Wang, Juan Ling, and Jay I. Chok

Manifest Mythology: Cinematic Distortions of Antebellum American Imperialism & Manhood, James H. Wellborn

Just Birth: Childbirth Advocacy and the Rhetoric of Feminist Health Justice, Jennifer Ellis West

Women in STEM, Laura Whitlock, Catrena Lisse, Ruth Eilers, and Robert F. Sumowski

Operations Management: A Supplementary Material for MGMT 3165, Jiaqin Yang


Logistic Optimization for Multi Depots Loading Capacitated Electric Vehicle Routing Problem from Low Carbon Perspective, Xiaoning Zhu, Rui Yan, Zhaoci Huang, Wenchao Wei, Jiaqin Yang, and Shamsiya Kudratova

Submissions from 2019


Temperature Affects Hatching Success of Cocoons in the Invasive Asian Earthworm Amynthas agrestis from the Southern Appalachians, James H. Blackmon, Melanie K. Taylor, Roberto Carrera-Martínez, Bruce A. Snyder, and Mac A. Callaham

Morphological features of sumac leaves (Rhus, anacardiaceae), from the latest early eocene flora of republic, washington, Soon Flynn, Melanie L. Devore, and Kathleen B. Pigg

Contrasting Pollination Systems of Wild Unction and Devil's Potato Root (Apocynaceae) on San Salvador: Preliminary Observations and Analyses, Suzanne Koptur, Tatyana Livshultz, Gretchen Ionta, and Ching Wen Tan


Myriapoda of Canada, David W. Langor, Jeremy R. Dewaard, and Bruce A. Snyder

Nomenclatural novelties in Miconia (Melastomataceae: Miconieae), Fabián A. Michelangeli, Renato Goldenberg, Frank Almeda, Walter S. Judd, Eldis R. Bécquer, Gilberto Ocampo, Gretchen M. Ionta, J. Dan Skean, Lucas C. Majure, and Darin S. Penneys


The diversity and evolution of pollination systems in large plant clades: Apocynaceae as a case study, Jeff Ollerton, Sigrid Liede-Schumann, Mary E. Endress, Ulrich Meve, André Rodrigo Rech, Adam Shuttleworth, Héctor A. Keller, Mark Fishbein, Leonardo O. Alvarado-Cárdenas, Felipe W. Amorim, Peter Bernhardt, Ferhat Celep, Yolanda Chirango, Fidel Chiriboga-Arroyo, Laure Civeyrel, Andrea Cocucci, Louise Cranmer, Suzanne Koptur, and Gretchen Ionta


The chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes of the green algae Pediastrum duplex isolated from Central Georgia (USA), Grayson C.R. Proulex, Blia Lor, Kalina M. Manoylov, and A. Bruce Cahoon


Soil fauna and their potential responses to warmer soils, Bruce A. Snyder and Mac A. Callaham

The impact of retailers’ sustainability and price on consumers’ responses in different cultural contexts, Mertcan Tascioglu, Jacqueline Eastman, Dora Bock, Karl Manrodt, and C. David Shepherd

Algal Community Dynamics Within the Savannah River Estuary, Georgia Under Anthropogenic Stress, Alyssa H. Thomson and Kalina M. Manoylov


Periodical cicada emergence resource pulse tracks forest expansion in a Tallgrass prairie landscape, Matt R. Whiles, Bruce A. Snyder, Brent L. Brock, Sophia Bonjour, Mac A. Callaham, Clinton K. Meyer, and Alex Bell

Submissions from 2018

Phenotypic plasticity in diatoms: Janus cells in four Gomphonema taxa, Jelena Z. Andrejić, Sarah A. Spaulding, Kalina M. Manoylov, and Mark B. Edlund

Urea hydrolysis and calcium carbonate precipitation in gypsum-amended broiler litter, Christopher D. Burt, Miguel L. Cabrera, Michael J. Rothrock, and D. E. Kissel

Persistence of bacterial pathogens, antibiotic resistance genes, and enterococci in tidal creek tributaries, Chance E. Jones, Anthony Maddox, Dorset Hurley, and Andrei L. Barkovskii


Taxonomic studies in the miconieae (Melastomataceae). XIV. Species of Miconia section Sagraea that occur in the greater antilles and additionally in the lesser antilles and/or continental regions, Walter S. Judd, Gretchen M. Ionta, and Lucas C. Majure


Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Miconia crenata and related species (Melastomataceae: Miconieae) in the Greater Antilles, Walter S. Judd, Gretchen M. Ionta, Lucas C. Majure, and Fabián A. Michelangeli

Detection of brucella suis, campylobacter jejuni, and Escherichia coli strains in feral pig (sus scrofa) communities of Georgia, Jyoti K. Lama and Dave S. Bachoon

Trochodendraceous fruits and foliage in the miocene of western North America, Steven R. Manchester, Kathleen B. Pigg, and Melanie L. Devore

Newly recognized diversity in Trochodendraceae from the Eocene of Western North America, Steven R. Manchester, Kathleen B. Pigg, Zlatko Kvaček, Melanie L. Devore, and Richard M. Dillhoff

Water conservation behavior: is what we say what we do?, Janna M. Parker, Doreen Sams, Amit Poddar, and Kalina Manoylov

Paleoallium billgenseli gen. et sp. nov.: Fossil monocot remains from the latest early Eocene Republic Flora, northeastern Washington State, USA, Kathleen B. Pigg, Finley A. Bryan, and Melanie L. DeVore

Achieving integration: A dual pathway model of supply chain orientation and organizational identification, Jessica L. Robinson, Karl Manrodt, Monique Lynn Murfield, Christopher A. Boone, and Paige Rutner

Recognition of Miconia sect. Sagraeoides (Melastomataceae: Miconieae) and associated nomenclatural changes, J. Dan Skean, Walter S. Judd, Lucas C. Majure, and Gretchen M. Ionta


Macroscopic observation of soil nitrification kinetics impacted by copper nanoparticles: Implications for micronutrient nanofertilizer, Allison Rick Vandevoort and Yuji Arai

Submissions from 2017


Flue-gas desulfurization gypsum effects on urea-degrading bacteria and ammonia volatilization from broiler litter, Christopher D. Burt, Miguel L. Cabrera, Michael J. Rothrock, and D. E. Kissel

Phytoremediation Potential of Helianthus annuus and Hydrangea paniculata in Copper and Lead-Contaminated Soil, Jenna Forte and Samuel Mutiti

Impact of roadside ditch dredging on bacterial communities and biological contamination of a tidal creek, Chance E. Jones and Andrei L. Barkovskii


Miconia vincentiana (Melastomataceae: Miconieae), a curious endemic to St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles, Walter S. Judd and Gretchen M. Ionta


Diatom teratologies as biomarkers of contamination: Are all deformities ecologically meaningful?, Isabelle Lavoie, Paul B. Hamilton, Soizic Morin, Sandra Kim Tiam, Maria Kahlert, Sara Gonçalves, Elisa Falasco, Claude Fortin, Brigitte Gontero, David Heudre, Mila Kojadinovic-Sirinelli, Kalina Manoylov, Lalit K. Pandey, and Jonathan C. Taylor

Using GIS and remote sensing to explore the influence of physical environmental factors and historical land use on bushland structure, Christine M. Mutiti, Kimberly E. Medley, and Samuel Mutiti

Application of hydrogeophysical techniques to study the distribution of a burrowing crayfish in a wetland, Sarah C. Sweat, Samuel Mutiti, and Christopher E. Skelton

Applying the process of backward design in revising an environmental science program, Caralyn B. Zehnder, Kalina Manoylov, Christine Mutiti, Samuel Mutiti, and Allison R. VandeVoort

Submissions from 2016


Biotic processes in the Okanagan Highlands floras: Possible evidence of hybridization in plants adapting to a temperate forest, Melanie L. DeVore and Kathleen B. Pigg


A review of paleobotanical studies of the early eocene Okanagan (Okanogan) highlands floras of British columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA, David R. Greenwood, Kathleen B. Pigg, James F. Basinger, and Melanie L. DeVore


Eocene paleontology and geology of western north America, David R. Greenwood, Kathleen B. Pigg, and Melanie L. DeVore


Algal community membership of estuarine mudflats from the Savannah River, United States, Kalina M. Manoylov, Yenkang Ellen France, Abeselom Geletu, and Joseph N. Dominy


A review of the plants of the Princeton chert (Eocene, British Columbia, Canada), Kathleen B. Pigg and Melanie L. Devore

Vested outsourcing: Five rules that will transform outsourcing, Kate Vitasek, Mike Ledyard, and Karl Manrodt

Submissions from 2015

Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy: Harnessing the Potential of Sourcing Business Models for Modern Procurement, Bonnie Keith, Kate Vitasek, Karl Manrodt, and Jeanne Kling

The impact of relationship history on negotiation strategy expectations: A theoretical framework, Stephanie P. Thomas, Karl B. Manrodt, and Jacqueline K. Eastman

Submissions from 2014

Fate of halogenated aromatic compounds in soils and sediments, Peter Adriaens, Andrei L. Barkovskii, and Iris D. Albrecht

Nuphar Carlquistii sp. Nov. (Nymphaeaceae): A water lily from the latest early eocene, republic, washington, Melanie L. Devore, Witt Taylor, and Kathleen B. Pigg

A vascular flora of the Eckerd College Palm Hammock Nature Area: A dredge and fill site in Pinellas County, Florida, Deborah R. Hilbert and Gretchen M. Ionta

Detection of Helicobacter pylori in the coastal waters of Georgia, Puerto Rico and Trinidad, Chelsea B. Holman, D. S. Bachoon, Ernesto Otero, and Adesh Ramsubhag

Taxonomic identification of algae (morphological and molecular): species concepts, methodologies, and their implications for ecological bioassessment, Kalina M. Manoylov

Calothrix-An evaluation of fresh water species in United States rivers and streams, their distribution and preliminary ecological findings, Barbara E. Rinkel and Kalina M. Manoylov

New method using growth dynamics to quantify microbial contamination of kaolinite slurries, Christopher W. Smith, Christopher M. Babb, Sara J. Snapp, Glenda B. Kohlhagen, and Andrei L. Barkovskii

Macroscopic assessment of nanosilver toxicity to soil denitrification kinetics, Allison Rick VandeVoort, Horace Skipper, and Yuji Arai


Diatom milking? A review and new approaches, Vandana Vinayak, Kalina M. Manoylov, Hélène Gateau, Vincent Blanckaert, Josiane Hérault, Gaëlle Pencréac'H, Justine Marchand, Richard Gordon, and Benoît Schoefs

Detection of human-derived fecal contamination in Puerto Rico using carbamazepine, HF183 Bacteroides, and fecal indicator bacteria, Christina Wade, Ernesto Otero, Brennan Poon-Kwong, Ralph Rozier, and Dave Bachoon

Submissions from 2013

Evaluating the input and source of faecal contamination in the cattle farming and forested regions of the Oconee watershed, Christopher Burt and Dave S. Bachoon

The impact of cattle farming best management practices on surface water nutrient concentrations, faecal bacteria and algal dominance in the Lake Oconee watershed, Christopher Burt, Dave S. Bachoon, Kalina Manoylov, and Marka Smith

Paleobotanical evidence for the origins of temperate hardwoods, Melanie L. Devore and Kathleen B. Piggy

The Eocene Thomas Ranch Flora, Allenby Formation, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada, Richard M. Dillhoff, Thomas A. Dillhoff, David R. Greenwood, Melanie L. DeVore, and Kathleen B. Pigg


Sustaining abundance and distributional patterns of benthic diatoms from streams in Kentucky, USA, K. M. Manoylov, R. J. Stevenson, and Y. K. Wang

Recovery assessment of hydrologically related aquatic habitats using diatom community responses, R. C. Moseley, K. M. Manoylov, and S. Mutiti

Molecular detection of atrazine catabolism gene atzA in coastal waters of Georgia, Puerto Rico and Trinidad, Samendra P. Sherchan, D. S. Bachoon, Ernesto Otero, and Adesh Ramsubhag

Algal extremophile community persistence from hot springs national park (Arkansas, U.S.A.), Th Smith, K. Manoylov, and A. Packard

Detection of verotoxin producing Escherichia coli in marine environments of the Caribbean, Trisha J. Walker, D. S. Bachoon, Ernesto Otero, and Adesh Ramsubhag

Submissions from 2012

Persistence and profiles of tetracycline resistance genes in swine farms and impact of operational practices on their occurrence in farms' vicinities, Andrei L. Barkovskii and Candace Bridges

Environmental factors responsible for the incidence of antibiotic resistance genes in pristine Crassostrea virginica reefs, Andrei L. Barkovskii, Michael Thomas, Dorset Hurley, and Clifford Teems

Algal community composition from kaolin recovery ponds located in middle Georgia, Joseph N. Dominy and Kalina M. Manoylov

Submissions from 2011

Prunus and Oemleria (rosaceae) flowers from the late early Eocene Republic flora of Northeastern Washington State, U.S.A, John C. Benedict, Melanie L. DeVore, and Kathleen B. Pigg

The potential indicator value of rare taxa richness in diatom-based stream bioassessment, Nadezhda D. Gillett, Yangdong Pan, Kalina M. Manoylov, Rosalina Stancheva, and Christine L. Weilhoefer

The role of live diatoms in bioassessment: A large-scale study of Western US Streams, Nadezhda D. Gillett, Yangdong Pan, Kalina M. Manoylov, and R. Jan Stevenson

Evaluation of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters of water quality in the Harris Neck estuarine marshes along the Georgia coast, Shanu Markand, Dave S. Bachoon, Lisa Gentit, Samendra Sherchan, and Keith Gates

Palynoflora of the late Paleocene silicified shale at Almont, North Dakota, USA, Reinhard Zetter, Michael J. Farabee, Kathleen B. Pigg, Steven R. Manchester, Melanie L. DeVore, and Michael D. Nowak

Submissions from 2010

Assessment of non-point sources of fecal pollution in coastal waters of Puerto Rico and Trinidad, Dave S. Bachoon, Shanu Markand, Ernesto Otero, Garvin Perry, and Adash Ramsubaugh

Comparison of four polymerase chain reactionmethods for the rapid detection of human fecal pollution in marine and inland waters, Dave S. Bachoon, Cortney M. Miller, Christen P. Green, and Ernesto Otero

The occurrence, spatial and temporal distribution, and environmental routes of tetracycline resistance and integrase genes in Crassostrea virginica beds, Andrei L. Barkovskii, Christen Green, and Dorset Hurley