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A Lacanian Psychoanalytic view on Conspiracy Theories

Hunter Coates

A salivary hormonal study on individuals of African ancestry living in different socioeconomic environments, in order to understand etiology of prostate cancer

Brittany Jones, Georgia College & State University
Wathsala Medawala, Georgia College & State University
Ernie Kaninjing, Georgia College & State University
Megan Andrews, Georgia College & State University
Rachael Cundey, Georgia College & State University
Solomon Rotimi, Covenant University
Chavonda Mills, Georgia College & State University

Adenovirus E4 11k Protein and the RIG-I-Mediated Type 1 Interferon Response

Elizabeth Seidita, Georgia College and State University
Kasey Karen, Georgia College and State University
Camille Browning, Georgia College & State University
Jada Lynn Ginn, Georgia College & State University

Bangladesh and Globalization: Woes and Wins

Margo Mason

Changes in US Abortion Policy: Implications for a Post-Roe Society

Emma Vann

College Access & Student Knowledge: Sources of Information Within Georgia Military College

Molly Pickrell, Georgia College & State University
Hannah Laynie Derry, Georgia College & State University
Emily Rezac, Georgia College & State University

College Recruiting Practices and Their Impact on Student College Choice

Cameron Cheely, Georgia College & State University
Erin Smith, Georgia College & State University

Collegiate Women's Activism On College Campuses In Georgia

Rylee Royster
Madi Townsend
Sara Henderson
Hannah Ferrar
Gabriela Sanacore

Development of a Passive Multiphase Acoustic Flow Meter

Liam Newsome

Do State Income Tax Rates Affect Net State-to-State Migration?

Jacob Hooks

Do Teachers' Salaries Affect SAT Scores?

Summer Ligon

Do Texting While Driving Fine Amounts Affect Traffic Fatalities?

Samuel Herrin

Does a person’s financial situation affect their perception of the economy?

Brandon Pascali

Does abstinence-stressed sex education affect the female labor force participation rate?

Rachel Carr

Does Basketball Team Performance Affect APR Score

Christopher Parks

Does Being a Protestant Affect BMI?

Peter Cook

Does Company Executive Rank Affect the Probability of Committing Insider Trading?

Lauren Moskowitz

Does Driving Make People Suicidal?

Roger Hagler

Does Epilepsy Affect Religiosity?

William Moffatt

Does Financial Literacy Affect Direct Government Benefits Received?

Colin Adams

Does Gender Affect Criminal Sentencing Outcome?

Darby Brunner

Does Marijuana Affect Exercise Frequency

Kate Archambault

Does Marijuana Legalization affect Birth Rates?

Samuel Edwards

Does Passive Instagram Use Increase Negative Emotions and States?

Katherine Whitworth

Does Police Violence affect On-Duty Deaths?

Zachary Gooch, Georgia College

Does Quarterback Salary Cap Concentration Affect NFL Team Performance

mat meyer

Does Team Performance Affect Suicide Rates?

Matt Mullis, GCSU

Does the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Affect Drug Overdose Deaths?

Hunter Patenaude

Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) Nest Box Usage and Vegetation Height

Alexcis Critten

Examining Pain levels in Competition and Performance Female Athletes

Elizabeth Niswonger
Christina Snider, Georgia College & State University
Sylvia Clark, Georgia College & State University
Molly Dyer, Georgia College & State University

Exploring the Challenges and Successes of Social-Emotional Development In Rural Schools

Victoriyah Friend, Georgia College & State University
LaBranda S. Mobley, Georgia College & State University
Camille Armstrong, Georgia College & State University
Joseph Li Pabian, Georgia College & State University

Exploring the Intersection of Philosophy and the Queer Experience

Lani Daniel

Gender Gap in Social Welfare Policy Attitudes

Vivian Cassaniti

Geospatial Analysis of the Central Georgia Rail Trail and Comparable Design Models

Molly Robbins
Doug R. Oetter, Georgia College & State University

Glucose: Discussing A Healthcare-Inspired Performance

Mary Morgan Collier, Georgia College & State University

Godard’s A Bout De Soufflé: Existential Nihilism and the Performance of Reality

Katie Roman

How do painted nest boxes affect Eastern Bluebird nest temperature?

Mathew Gordon

How Parenting Disciplinary Strategies Relate to Social Competence in Young Children

Reagan Lippold, Georgia College & State University
Caroline Veal, Georgia College & State University

Japanese Tokusatsu and Their Profound and Impactful Messages

Connor Moore

Polarization of Partisanship in America and Its Effects on the Opinion on Climate Change

Addison Finger-Baxter, Georgia College & State University

Political Ideology and the Death Penalty

Macyn Nasser

Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of Non-target Supplemental Feeding on Camera Trap Captures of Small Mammals in Central Georgia

Travis Cunningham, Georgia College & State University

Promoting Women in Technology: A Community-based Engaged Learning Project

Lauren Antoci

Quantifying the presence of Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio campbellii pathogens in Georgia’s Crassostrea virginica oysters and Mercenaria mercenaria clams: presence, distribution, and concentrations*

Alexandra Rosa-Calix

Racism, Ideology, and Affirmative Action in America

Renata Ocampo

Readiness for Program Evaluation Among Departments of Public Health

Madeline Meiser

Simulation of Thin Film Growth during Magnetron Sputtering

Joel Saucedo

Social Media Use and Loneliness During Different Phases of the Pandemic

Clara Eysel
Natalie Clark
Sophy Sanchez

Soldier or Assassin: American Military Involvement in Film

Ben Voorhies

“Something Botched” and Something Blue: Real Love and Marriage in O’Connor’s “Parker’s Back”

Charlotte Aexel, Georgia College & State University

Surrealist Elements in Children’s Movies from the Eastern and Western Hemispheres

Isabelle Rader

The Effects of Different Time-Restricted Eating Schedules with Exercise on the Body Composition in Overweight Adults

Alexis Vallianatos

The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Function in College Students

Kaitlyn Smith

The Fantastical Dreams of The Palm-Wine Drinkard

Sarah Sheehan

The Great Barrier Reef- a travel guide for a vacation on a budget

Gabrielle Godfrey

The Imposter Trio

Elizabeth Deener, Georgia College & State University
Mary Mead, Georgia College & State University
Jacob Hammock, Georgia College & State University

The Portrayals of Women within Film and Television

Mattie Stewart

The Use of Photovoice Technique to Explore Veteran Identity: A Qualitative, Community-Based Participatory Action Research Model

Joseph Pabian
Trenholm Fahy, Georgia College & State University
Alicia Zarker
Liddy Schultz, Georgia College & State University
Lauren Ernst-fortin, Georgia College & State University
Meredith robertson, Georgia College & State University

Time and the Sublime: Poe as a Philosopher

Katelyn Pontzer

Uncovering & Reforming America’s History in Jordan Peele’s Us (2019)

Mackenzie Pickle, GCSU

Vampires and Villainesses: the villainization of queerness and women in Carmilla and Jennifer’s Body

Elizabeth Lewis, Georgia College & State University

What Molded a Generation: YouTubers' Construction of Mediated Ethos

John Pickett

White Tubercled Crayfish (Procambarus spiculifer, LeConte 1856) from the Oconee River drainage of Georgia

Noah Rylee, Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, Ga 31061

William Blake and Hayao Miyazaki: Nature vs. Humans

Alana Kelly

Zen and the Art of Breadmaking

Charlotte Parker